What Pain Medication Should You Take?

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Medications work differently for each individual. Some people get relief right away from pain medications, while it takes a bit longer for other people to get relief. While you are being treated for pain, tell your care team members how you feel and if the medications help. The information you give them will help them to find the best medicines, the most effective doses and the right schedule to help you get maximum relief.


Type of Medication and Type of Pain

Many different types of medicine are used to treat pain. Your treatment depends upon the type of pain that you are having. Ask your doctor or nurse to tell you more about the medicine you are taking.


Choosing Pain Medication

Your care team and physician will work very hard to find the pain medicine that best meets your needs. You can help by talking with them about:

  • Pain medicines you have taken in the past and how well they have worked for you.
  • Medicines (including health foods, vitamins, and other treatments) you are taking now. This is important because some treatments and medicines do not work well together. Your doctors and nurses can find medicines that can be taken together.
  • Complementary therapies and treatments that you have tried in the past or are using now and how well they work for you. This may include many different techniques such as relaxation, meditation or guided imagery, massage, humor, exercise, aromatherapy, music and prayer.
  • Fears and concerns that you have about the medicine or the treatment. Talk about your fears and concerns. Your care team will use that information in making treatment decisions and can also answer your questions.


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