Home Care Association of Florida’s eLearning Platform

The Home Care Association of Florida produces some of the best home health training in the industry. However, nearly all of the training they were producing was traditional in-house live events with no opportunity for members to view the content at a later date. What if a member had an appointment or schedule conflict and couldn’t make the live event? If that was the case, those members would have to wait until the next similar event which might’ve been months into the future. A platform that was both a learning management system for home care and an open to the public website was the solution for their needs.

Choosing the Best Technology for HCAF’s Project

The first step we took was pairing HCAF’s needs with a technology solution. In many regards HCAF’s project was to be a ‘first of its kind’ in the industry. The platform needed the ability to allow customers to shop through course catalogs, purchase individual pieces of content on demand, track CEU credits and print certificates. After a thorough review of our options, it became clear that Taleo’s Learn was the best the solution for the job.

A Learning Management System as an ecommerce Website

We’re experienced in creating dynamic content rich online environments so the HCAF project was a pleasure to build. We were able to match the look and feel of HCAF’s home site, create a custom course library, load user data for existing HCAF members, and construct an online forum where members could go and find essential home care information. Below is a screenshot of the new eLearning platform’s homepage:
Home Care Association of Florida's eLearning Platform

Content Creation

While having an attractive site that’s easy to use is extremely important, as they say ‘content is king’. And in home care training, is this especially true. HCAF partners with many of the leading voices working in home care today and they understand the value of the content they produce. Working with HCAF, we were able to create, produce, and deliver over 40 eLearning from a variety of sources.
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  • Produced HCAF webinars into home health training courses
  • Helped HCAF capture and produce live presentations courses
  • Setup and mapped custom certificates for each course
  • Custom built HCAF eLearning templates and delivery methods


A Project for the Future

We successfully launched HCAF eLearning in February 2012. We expect HCAF’s course library and success to grow as more and more people working in home health discovery the benefits of online training and learning. Discover HCAF’s new eLearning platform here

About HCAF

The Home Care Association of Florida is the premiere trade association for the home care sector in Florida. HCAF, formerly Associated Home Health Industries of Florida, was founded in January 1989 and is a non-profit association dedicated to serving Florida home care providers and their vendors. HCAF exists to provide representation, communication and advocacy for these providers, and to give them the information they need to deliver high quality, cost effective services to patients and clients in their home.

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