Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training Essentials

The Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training course delves into crucial elements of preventing falls in hospice care. This curriculum gives you an understanding of both internal and external fall risk factors, and guides you on how to use effective fall risk assessment tools.

It emphasizes a collaborative approach, incorporating the roles of various healthcare professionals in ensuring patient safety. You’ll also explore practical interventions and the importance of rigorous reporting and documentation practices. This comprehensive training is accompanied by a resourceful blend of evidence-based content, including case studies and interactive modules.

Skills You’ll Learn

  1. Recognizing Fall Risks: Identify internal and external factors contributing to patient falls in a hospice setting.
  2. Team-Based Approach: Master the interdisciplinary team/group approach for enhanced patient safety.
  3. Intervention Techniques: Learn and apply three effective, practical interventions for fall prevention in hospice care.
  4. Fall Screening Mastery: Understand and utilize fall screening and assessment tools to minimize risks.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: Gain insights into regulatory policies related to patient falls and their implementation.
  6. Reporting and Response: Enhance skills in reporting falls and correctly assisting fallen patients, ensuring overall safety.
Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training Course Description

Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training Course Description

Falls among hospice patients can have serious consequences. This course equips you with the knowledge and skills to manage these risks effectively.

Module 1: The Landscape of Fall Risks

  • Fall Risk Factors: Delve into the intricate details of what makes hospice patients prone to falls.
  • Evidence-Based Insights: Learn about geriatric fall risks and prevention strategies backed by health sciences.

Module 2: Team Collaboration and Care Strategies

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Explore how team collaboration can enhance patient safety in care settings.
  • Implementing Protocols: Understand the protocols designed to reduce fall risks among older adults in hospice care.
Practical Interventions and Tools

Module 3: Practical Interventions and Tools

  • Intervention Techniques: Discover pragmatic ways to prevent falls in a hospice environment.
  • Using Assessment Tools: Get hands-on experience with various fall risk assessment tools.

Module 4: Regulatory Compliance and Documentation

  • Policy and Practice: Navigate through regulatory policies and national standards related to patient falls.
  • Documenting Falls: Learn the importance of meticulous reporting and documentation in a hospice setting.
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Module 5: Responding to Falls

  • Immediate Response: Acquire skills to assist patients post-fall, minimizing further risk.
  • Continuous Improvement: Engage in exercises to continually enhance your fall prevention strategies.

Final Assessment and Certification

  • Show What You Know: Complete the course with a comprehensive assessment.
  • Earn Your Certification: Receive a certificate acknowledging your Hospice Patient Falls Prevention proficiency.
How to Start with Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training

How to Start with Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training

Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training is ideal for all hospice staff, including nurses, social workers, counselors, nursing aides, and nursing home administrators, seeking to enhance patient safety and fall prevention skills.

Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training is part of a yearly subscription to Continua Learning. Continua Learning delivers over 200 hospice training courses and aide in-services in a mobile solution for easy compliance and tracking it all from one place. Contact us to set up a demo for your agency today! Elevate your expertise. Enhance patient satisfaction.

Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training Continuing Education

Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training offers 1 Contact Hour for Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health, and Hospice Aides. Continua Learning is an approved provider of CEUs from the following boards:

  • Florida Board of Nursing
  • Florida Board Of Occupational Therapy
  • Florida Board Of Speech – Language Pathology And Audiology
  • Florida Board Of Nursing – Certified Nursing Assistants

Course Reviewer

Kathleen Webster, BSN, RN, CRRN, brings nearly four decades of nursing experience to her role. Earning her BSN in 1984 and CRRN in 2012, she began her career in acute rehabilitation and later specialized in hospice and home health care for over 25 years. 

A seasoned educator, Kathleen has authored numerous eLearning courses and led in-service training programs. As a former community care program director, she trained in-home aides and is committed to inspiring quality care and compassion in hospice and home care.


How Long Does It Take to Complete the “Hospice Patient Falls Prevention Training Essentials” Course?

This course is designed for efficient learning, requiring only 1.0 contact hours. It’s structured to provide comprehensive knowledge without overwhelming your schedule, making it perfect for busy healthcare and hospice professionals.

Is This Course Suitable for Staff Working in Residential Care Facilities?

Absolutely! The course content is tailored for hospice staff and professionals working in residential and nursing home environments. It provides practical skills and knowledge applicable across various care settings, focusing on the safety of older adults.

Can I Download Course Materials for Offline Study?

Yes, you can download course materials for offline study. This feature enables learners to review the content conveniently, enhancing the learning experience for those in varied care settings, including community-dwelling older adults and institutional environments.

Will This Course Help Me Manage Medical Costs Associated with Patient Falls?

While the primary focus is prevention and safety, the course indirectly helps manage medical costs by equipping you with strategies to reduce the number and severity of falls, a common issue in end-of-life care and among elderly adults.

Does the Course Content Align with National Standards for Fall Prevention?

Our course is meticulously designed to align with national standards and best practices in fall prevention. It incorporates evidence-based programs and recommendations, ensuring that the knowledge you gain is current and relevant.

How Does This Course Prepare Me for Advanced Practice in Hospice Care?

This course prepares you for advanced hospice and palliative care practice by emphasizing an evidence-based, pragmatic approach to fall management. It enhances your ability to assess, prevent, and manage fall risks, crucial in providing effective end-of-life care.

Is There a Certification Process Upon Course Completion?

Upon completing the course, you’ll undergo a comprehensive assessment. Successful completion grants you a certification, acknowledging your enhanced skills in fall prevention and patient safety, a vital aspect of quality hospice care.