Hospice Infection Control Training: Essential Skills

Dive into a concise yet comprehensive hospice infection control training, covering the essentials and foundational theories to practical implementation in a hospice environment.

Skills You’ll Learn:

  • Infection Prevention Mastery: Become proficient in implementing critical infection control and prevention strategies in your hospice setting.
  • Compliance Excellence: Master the CDC’s guidelines for healthcare-associated infection reduction, ensuring the safety of patients and staff.
  • Policy Implementation: Learn how to effectively introduce and adhere to infection control policies and procedures in your care environment.
  • Practical Skills: Gain hands-on knowledge in environmental cleaning, disinfection, and appropriate use of PPE to maintain a safe healthcare space.
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Hospice Infection Control Training Course Features

This online Hospice Infection Control Training course is built using Continua Learning action and skill-focused training:

  • Action-Oriented Learning: Instead of just absorbing information, your staff will practice actions directly contributing to your agency’s success. 
  • Enhanced Hospice Compliance: With real-world scenarios, staff are better prepared for audits, ensuring your agency exceeds compliance standards.
  • Engaging & Interactive: Gone are the monotonous click-next formats. Our courses are created with interactive elements that engage and reinforce learning.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Real-world action-focused training leads to more competent care, directly impacting patient satisfaction and your agency’s reputation. 
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Hospice Infection Control Training Course Description

Understanding Infection in the Hospice Setting

Why it’s Critical: Learn why infection prevention is paramount in hospice care, focusing on patient and staff safety and the pivotal role you play in disease control and prevention.

The ABCs of Infection Control

Control and Prevention Tactics: Equip yourself with the tools and resources to implement an effective infection control program. Understand the nuances of pathogen transmission and the importance of proper practices in long-term care.

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CDC Guidelines and Compliance

Aligning with Standards: Delve into the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, ensuring your practices, and hospice infection control policy, align with national standards for healthcare-associated infection control.

Infection Prevention in Action

Real-World Applications: Engage with interactive modules that introduce you to scenarios where you’ll apply your knowledge. From hand hygiene to PPE utilization, learn by doing, to create a hospice infection control plan.

Environmental Strategies

Cleanliness is Key: Understand the critical aspects of environmental cleaning and disinfection. Assess and improve your facility’s practices to reduce infectious risks.

Beyond Basics: Policies and Audits

Ensuring Continual Improvement: Learn to develop, implement, and assess infection control policies and procedures. Engage with checklists and audit tools for ongoing quality improvement.

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How to Get Started Hospice Infection Control Training

This course is designed for hospice nurses, social workers, chaplains, nursing assistants, volunteers, and all direct and indirect care team members at a beginner to intermediate level.

How to Start Training

Hospice Infection Control Training is part of a yearly subscription to Continua Learning. Continua Learning delivers over 200 hospice training courses and aide in-services in a mobile solution for easy compliance and tracking it all from one place. Contact us to set up a demo for your agency today!

Elevate your expertise. Enhance patient satisfaction. Start training with the Hospice Infection Control Training course today.

Hospice Infection Control Training Continuing Education

Hospice Infection Control Training offers 1 Contact Hour for Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health and Hospice Aides, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists. Continua Learning is an approved provider of CEUs from the following boards:

  • Florida Board of Nursing
  • Florida Board Of Occupational Therapy
  • Florida Board Of Speech-Language Pathology And Audiology
  • Florida Board Of Nursing – Certified Nursing Assistants

Course Reviewer

Margaret (Margie) Fincham holds BSN, MSN, and GCNS degrees from California State University in Domingues Hills, CA.

Margie has extensive experience in home health and hospice as a Case Manager and Branch Manager. She holds many certificates in hospice, home health, and wound care. Margie has written courses for Caregivers in both English and Spanish.


What is the purpose of infection control in a hospice setting?

The purpose of infection control is to minimize the spread of infections among patients, healthcare personnel, and visitors. This is critical in a hospice setting, where patients often have compromised immune systems and are more vulnerable to infections. Infection prevention and control (IPC) is an essential part of quality health care.

Who is responsible for infection control in a hospice?

Typically, infection prevention is responsible for implementing and overseeing the infection prevention and control program in a hospice. They work with the clinical staff, facility leaders, and public health agencies to ensure adherence to best practices and policies.

Can you describe a program for infection control in a hospice?

A program for infection control in a hospice usually involves risk assessment, infection surveillance, implementation of precautions, equipment, and material sterilization, health education for patients and staff, and antibiotic stewardship. Additionally, the program may involve regular webinars and training sessions to keep healthcare personnel informed of the latest best practices in infection control and prevention.

What does infection control training for a hospice involve?

Infection control training for staff at a hospice typically covers several key topics, including hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE), safe injection practices, and other essential measures. The curriculum also includes the implementation of a program for infection control, prevention surveillance programs, and policies that are specific to the hospice environment.

What are the benefits of hospice infection control training?

Hospice infection control training is an excellent educational resource for healthcare personnel in a hospice. This training provides up-to-date information on best practices. 

How is PPE used in hospice infection control?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial in hospice infection control. It provides a physical barrier between healthcare personnel and infectious agents, reducing the risk of transmission. The appropriate use and disposal of PPE are thoroughly covered during infection prevention training for all healthcare staff.

How do hospices maintain infection control with long-term patients?

Long-term care settings, like hospices, need to have robust infection control programs in place. This includes rigorous cleaning and disinfection procedures, appropriate isolation of patients with infectious diseases, antibiotic stewardship to prevent antibiotic resistance, and continuous monitoring and intervention as necessary. Regular training and educational programs in nursing homes are also essential to maintain a high standard of infection control.

What role do agencies play in hospice infection control?

Agencies at different levels, such as state and federal public health agencies and accrediting bodies, play a critical role in hospice infection control. They provide the regulations, guidelines, and standards the hospice IPC program should follow. They also conduct inspections to ensure that hospices meet their infection control standards, and they often provide resources for training and education.

Where can I find more resources to boost our hospice infection control procedures?

Numerous resources are available to enhance infection prevention and control in hospices. Government health departments, professional nursing agencies, and health care foundations often provide educational material, training webinars, and IPC program resources that hospices can utilize. Specific sources include the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion (DHQP) and the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).