Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training

Welcome to Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training, a comprehensive course designed to empower hospice professionals with essential skills for managing dyspnea. Dive into a learner-centric journey, exploring the theory and practical approaches to improving patient comfort and quality of life at the end-of-life stages.

Skills You’ll Learn

  1. Identify Causes: You’ll learn to pinpoint common diseases and conditions causing dyspnea in patients at end-of-life stages.
  2. Comforting Techniques: Gain skills in providing comfort through various non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions.
  3. Assessment Acumen: Master the guidelines for effectively assessing dyspnea severity and impact.
  4. Interdisciplinary Approach: Understand the benefits and implementation of an interdisciplinary approach to manage dyspnea effectively in a palliative care setting.
Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training Course Description

Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training Course Description

Understanding Dyspnea in Palliative Care

Dyspnea, a frequent and distressing symptom among patients at end-of-life stages, requires skilled management to improve quality of life. This course, designed for both beginners and intermediate learners in hospice, including nurses, social workers, and counselors, provides an in-depth understanding of dyspnea’s causes and effective management strategies.

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Module 1: Dyspnea in Palliative Settings

  • Understanding Dyspnea: Definitions, prevalence, and impact in palliative care.
  • Respiratory Physiology: Insights into how chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cancer affect breathing.

Causes and Assessment

  • Identifying Causes: Explore specific causes of dyspnea in terminally ill patients, including cancer and COPD.
  • Effective Assessment: Learn how to gauge symptom severity and impact on quality of life.
Managing Dyspnea

Managing Dyspnea

Case Studies and Applied Learning

  • Real-World Applications: Engage with case studies and scenarios that mirror real-life challenges in hospice care.
  • Continuing Education: Earn CE credits while enhancing your practical skills.

This course also addresses sensitive topics such as caring for survivors of trauma, ensuring that learners are equipped with the sensitivity and knowledge needed in these unique situations.

How to Get Started with Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training

How to Get Started with Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training

The Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training course is tailored for healthcare professionals, including nurses, social workers, hospice aides, and caregivers, seeking to enhance their skills in managing dyspnea in palliative care settings.

How to Start Training

Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training is part of a yearly subscription to Continua Learning. Continua Learning delivers over 200 hospice training courses and aide in-services in a mobile solution for easy compliance and tracking it all from one place. Contact us to set up a demo for your agency today! Elevate your expertise. Enhance patient satisfaction.

Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training Continuing Education

Hospice Dyspnea Management and Treatment Training offers 1 Contact Hour for Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health, and Hospice Aides. Continua Learning is an approved provider of CEUs from the following boards:

  • Florida Board of Nursing
  • Florida Board Of Occupational Therapy
  • Florida Board Of Speech – Language Pathology And Audiology
  • Florida Board Of Nursing – Certified Nursing Assistants

Course Reviewer

Kathleen Webster, BSN, RN, CRRN, brings nearly four decades of nursing experience to her role. Earning her BSN in 1984 and CRRN in 2012, she began her career in acute rehabilitation and later specialized in hospice and home health care for over 25 years. 

A seasoned educator, Kathleen has authored numerous eLearning courses and led in-service training programs. As a former community care program director, she trained in-home aides and is committed to inspiring quality care and compassion in hospice and home care.


Is This Course Suitable for Those New to Hospice and Palliative Care?

Absolutely. While this course is rich in advanced concepts like symptom relief in advanced cancer patients, it starts with the basics, making it ideal for newcomers to palliative medicine. You’ll gain foundational knowledge before moving into more specialized areas.

How Does This Course Address the Treatment of the Underlying Cause of Dyspnea?

This course thoroughly covers the treatment of underlying causes of dyspnea in patients with serious illnesses. We explore the identification of these causes and the most effective treatment strategies, ensuring you’re well-equipped to manage these complex cases.

Can I Learn About Managing Dyspnea in Patients with Chronic Illnesses?

Yes, our course includes detailed modules on managing dyspnea in patients with chronic illnesses like advanced terminal illness and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). You’ll understand how to tailor your approach to these specific patient needs.

Does the Course Provide Information on Opioid Usage for Dyspnea Relief?

Indeed, it does. We delve into the safe and effective use of opioids for dyspnea relief, addressing common concerns like the risk of respiratory depression and the balance between symptom management and patient safety.

Are There Resources on Dyspnea Management in Cancer Patients?

Yes, one of our key focus areas is the management of dyspnea in cancer patients. The course includes evidence-based practices and the latest research findings to help you provide the best care for patients suffering from cancer-related dyspnea.

What Insights Does the Course Offer for Terminal Illness Dyspnea Management?

Our course offers in-depth insights into managing dyspnea in patients with terminal illnesses. It emphasizes pharmacological treatments and compassionate care strategies to improve these patients’ remaining months of life.

How Does the Course Address Dyspnea Symptom Management for End-of-Life Care?

This course provides a comprehensive overview of dyspnea symptom management strategies tailored to end-of-life care. It focuses on improving patient comfort and ensuring dignity in the final stages of life.