How To Guide For Changing A Central Line Dressing In Hospice


In this article, we will provide step by step instructions on how to change a central line dressing for hospice care patients.

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  • Central Line Dressing Kit
  • Clean gloves
  • Needleless Injection Cap
  • Stat Lock Adaptor for PICC’s and Midlines


  • Wash hands
  • Explain procedure
  • Position patient for comfort
  • Don mask and clean gloves
  • Remove existing dressing (Always remove PICC dressing from bottom to top to prevent dislodging catheter
  • Assess site
  • Put on sterile gloves
  • Cleanse skin with chloraprep allowing to air dry (If using kit with alcohol and betadine, use alcohol first then betadine allowing both to air dry)
  • Apply skin prep avoiding area of catheter insertion and allow to air dry
  • Cover with sterile transparent dressing (DO NOT PUT GAUZE UNDER OCCLUSIVE DRESSING)
  • Change needleless injection cap
  • Label with date and initial
  • Document procedure

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