How to Treat a Stage 1 Pressure Ulcer

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  • Non-blanchable erythema of intact skin
  • Discoloration, edema, induration and warmth over bony prominence in dark skin


  • If possible, remove cause
  • Attempt to prevent further tissue damage


Obtain a physician order:

  1. Use Standard Precautions
  2. Cleanse area gently
  3. Pat dry; do not rub
  4. Apply a thin hydrocolloid dressing to area (product examples include Duo Derm Extra Thin or Tegaderm
  5. Change once a week and/or PRN
  6. Apply skin prep for intact heels
  7. Educate patient and family about pressure ulcers, turning frequently (as patient chooses/allows) and document
  8. Document per agency guidelines

* Note: These are wound care guidelines only. Consult with the primary physician for specific orders.



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