General Guidelines For Using a Walker

How can using a walker help me?

A walker is useful if you are weak or having trouble with balance. If you have an injury, a walker will take the pressure off the injured area. When you take a step with a walker, weight is relieved from your lower body. Your arms help provide support.

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How do I know if my walker is the right size for me?

  • Stand up straight.
  • Wear the shoes you most often use.
  • There should be a slight bend in your elbow.
  • The top of the walker should be even with the crease of your wrist.

How do I use a walker?

  1. Place the walker about one step ahead. If your walker has wheels, carefully push the walker about one step ahead.
  2. Remember to stand up straight.
  3. Hold on to the top of the walker with both hands. This will help you keep your balance.
  4. Step off the weaker/affected leg.
  5. As the heel of that foot touches the ground, finish the step with your good leg.
  6. Slow, even steps are best. Don’t try to step all the way to the front of the walker.


Never use a walker to climb stairs or on an escalator.

Walker Accessories

There different accessories for a walker, including padded seats, hand brakes, baskets, or oxygen holders.

Talk with your doctor, physical therapist or nurse if you have any questions or concerns about using your walker.

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