Finding the Bright Side


“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Caring for someone with a serious illness is a life-changing process. Caregivers have taught us that even in the midst of hurt, anger and sadness, there are chances to learn, grow and heal. Recognizing those opportunities can make all the difference to you and to the person who receives your care.

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Focusing on the tremendous gift you are giving to another can shift your attention from the difficulties of caregiving to the rewards. It can encourage and renew you. Try asking yourself the following questions. If you are struggling, ask a member of your care team for support and guidance.

  • Why have I chosen to care for ________________? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  • Through caregiving, I have learned… ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  • How have I surprised myself as a caregiver? What have I done that I never thought I could do? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
  • What am I grateful for? ________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

4 Things That Matter Most

Honest, heartfelt, well-chosen words have the power to help us heal. These four statements are powerful at any time of life, but even more so when time is precious.

Please forgive me.
I forgive you.
Thank you.
I love you.

Adapted from “The Four Things that Matter Most” by Ira Byock, M.D.
Copyright 2004 Free Press, New York.

We want to help you make the most of this time as you care for someone else. Please do not hesitate to share your questions and concerns with us. We are committed to helping you find the answers that are right for you.

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