Believe in a Less Painful Tomorrow


Along this journey, there will be good days and not-so-good days. As you heal, the pain of your loss may not hurt as much as it did immediately, but the fact that someone you love is no longer with you will remain. You can adjust to this new life. It will take time.

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How Are You?

There is no set time limit for grieving, but generally the feelings become less intense as time passes. If you are concerned about how grief is affecting your life, try asking yourself the questions below. Am I feeling “stuck” or having trouble expressing my feelings?

  • Is my health getting worse over time?
  • Have my eating habits changed?
  • Am I using alcohol or drugs to cope with my feelings
  • Am I unusually irritable or angry or detached?
  • Are my thoughts or feelings interfering with my work or other important areas of my life?
  • Am I having thoughts of ending my own life?
  • Do I feel responsible for my loved one’s death?
  • Do upsetting images keep coming to mind?
  • Am I having disturbing dreams?
  • Do I feel sad and alone most of the time?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, professional help can make a difference. Individual, family and group counseling as well as grief support groups are available through your hospice.

How Can the Hospice Help?

Hospice care will continue to offer guidance and support as you adjust to the changes in your life. Team members and volunteers will check in with you periodically. In addition to offering a listening ear, they will give you information about services and resources that are available to help you cope with the losses you are facing. A variety of grief support groups are available to meet particular needs. Ask a member of your care team or call your hospice anytime for more information about grief services.

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